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If you have any questions or comments please, don’t hesitate to let us know by filling up the form on page Contact Form; or by using any of our connections. Our local trade partner in the United Kingdom is Snegg Ltd. Their availability can be found under.

If you desire to send us electronic material, such as job application, brochure, booklet, etc. please go to page Contact form and follow the instruction there.

Sincerely, BOVOPROD Ltd.

Snegg Ltd. Phone: +44 7404 164354
Email: snegg@bovo.hu

BOVOPROD Head Office

H-8000 Székesfehérvár, Seregélyesi út 96.
Phone:+36 22 200 288
Fax: +36 22 200 287
E-mail: bovoprod@bovo.hu

BOVOPROD Food Factory

H-8700 Marcali, Vereckei utca 35.
Phone: +36 22 200 288
Factory Director: Pulai Miklós
E-mail: bovoprod@bovo.hu