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BOVO hard-boiled egg bar

Contains egg white and egg yolk along the entire length of the bar, and ingredients are clearly separated from each other.

The consistency and cross-section of the egg-bar identical the largest slice of an M sized, 10 minutes cooked hard-boiled egg. Items can be sliced by hand or machine to the desired thickness. The basic packaging is steam proof 5 layered casing and carton box packaging. Product needs cooled storage and transportation. If these rules are applied the shelf life of the unopened product is 30 days.

Advantages of this ready to use product:

  • 100% natural eggs: free from any additives, food colouring or preservatives
  • Easy to use: egg-bars can be easily sliced by machine or by hand, egg yolk sticks to egg white, slices can be 5, or even 3 mm thin!
  • Economical: slices of one egg-bar equals the slices of 10-12 whole hard-boiled eggs (40-60 slices)
  • Waste free: no yolkless egg white ends to throw away, since one bar contents egg yolk throughout the entire length of the bar
  • Space-saving: needs much less cooled storage space then equivalent whole eggs
  • Easy to transport: requires less space volume comparing to whole eggs and peeled hard-boiled eggs in brine in buckets and by contrast not fragile.
  • Cost effective: best price/value rate in terms of one slice. Good price and of full value slices together guarantees the cost effective use of the product
  • Environmental friendly: the production of BOVO egg-bar takes place under extremely low energy consumption. The environmental impact at the place of consumption reduces due to the minimized egg white loss.
  • Hungarian product: the product group based on a Hungarian development, an innovative technology that was firstly introduced in Hungary. All products are made in Hungary, using only Hungarian labour.

Product available in flavours listed here. You can read about the shipping conditions here.