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For those who do fitness or body building, or just can’t consume egg yolk for some reason we, created the BOVO Hard-boiled egg-white bar. In the production process we only use fine, plain egg-white and – in case of the seasoned ones – dried herbs. Just like our another product group, BOVO Hard-boiled egg-white bar does not contain any addivites or preservatives, nor colourings, neither flavour improver. The flavour choice is identical to the BOVO Hard-boiled egg-bar group; available in garlic-pepper, cumin, chili, cayenne and dill flavour, besides the plain one.

Shelf life of the unopened product (stored between 0-4 °C) is 30 days, just like our other product group.

You can download the datasheets of the BOVO Hard-boiled egg-white bars from the flavour choice page.